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About Us

Urban Angles has been shooting aerial photography around Australia for over 15 years. Helicopters and light planes are like a second home to us - we have comprehensively covered many Melbourne suburbs, as well as capturing regional and interstate locations.

The Urban Angles Aerial Stock Library has over 2000 aerial images available for searching and purchase. We are in the air constantly, and are always adding new imagery to the library so be sure to check back regularly.

If you cant find the aerial image you need, contact us to ask about booking a shoot for your specific location.

So who is Urban Angles?

We are your fully integrated, start-to-finish, total service agency for all visual needs in Melbourne and around Australia.

When you call on Urban Angles, you will be in the hands of some of Australia's finest photographers, image renderers, digital retouchers, and visual creatives.

Under the watchful eyes of John Wheatley, Jules Tahan and Michael Downes, who collectively have around 50 years of award-winning photography experience between them, the Urban Angles team can look after all aspects of your visual library. But our talents don’t stop there.

We can then take that imagery, add video technology, copywriting and graphic design, and transform it all into premium quality marketing material, such as websites, brochures, videos and advertisements, all of which that target your audience and get results.

It’s this one-stop efficiency, and commitment to excellence that keeps our clients keep coming back, project after project.

So together, let’s see what we can do for you. Visit www.urbanangles.com or call us on 1300 144 255 to find out more

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